Choosing The Right Laptop Stand For Your Police Crown Vic

By Merv Carlson

Crown Vic cars are most chosen by the police since the cars are big, well-built, fast and reliable. Police officers can turn their Crown Vic into convenient mobile offices by using a laptop desk. Computer desks come into a variety of models out there, but not every laptop desk is suitable to use in a police vehicle. Police officers should make use of a laptop desk, since a laptop desk makes their work and communication much easier. A laptop desk helps correct the working posture of any vehicle users as well.

What do the police officers look for in a Crown Vic laptop stand? The very first thing is, that laptop stand must be made of rugged high quality material and must be strong enough to be used in extreme conditions. Due to the nature of their work, policemen need to drive fast, make extreme brakes or cornering. Therefore, a weak low quality laptop stand can break and damage in a short time. So, quality must be the primary concern. Next, police officers also need a laptop stand with ergonomic design so that it can fit well with the deluxe in a Ford.

All those advanced features can be found on the new three Crown Vic laptop desks introduced by Pro Desks. Located in North America, Pro Desks is one the most popular mobile computing providers online. Pro Desks has the mounting solutions for nearly all vehicle makes and models. The newly launched products include Crown Vic Enforcer II, Crown Vic Dominator and the Crown Vic Mongoose. These laptop desks are built specifically for Crown Vic owners. These Crown Vic laptop desks have many advanced features which will please any police officers.

Pro Desks Crown Vic laptop mounts are designed to offer a high quality mounting solution to fit nearly all laptop types available in the market. The products can easily turn your Crown Vic into a neat, comfortable mobile office. Pro Desks Crown Vic laptop mount are no-drill solutions, which means you will not have to make any modifications to your vehicle while installing the mounting system.

The presence of these mounting systems on your Ford Crown Vic will not take up much space and will cause no interference with your passenger. You can work on your laptop from the outside of your vehicle. The three products come with both Work mode and Transport mode. When you're travelling and do not need the system, you can lower the pedestal, swing the articulating arm over top the post, lock it and done. In Transport mode, your laptop lid is closed securely and will not be opened in any road circumstances.

Pro Desks Crown Vic laptop desks feature the shock control top which helps protect your laptop in every situation. Your laptop will be kept safe even if there are any unexpected collisions. The four shock pads lift your laptop some inches from the mount so that the laptop is not affected by shocks or vibration while you are driving.

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