You Can Use Special Active Directory Password Reset Programs

By Lessie Kaufman

It can be very frustrating when one is caught up in the work at hand and all of a sudden have a window pop up saying that the current password is no longer valid. With Active Directory Password Reset this can be rectified fast and easily. Saving companies millions of dollars every year as this could cut in on productivity and schedules.

For those individuals that are not familiar with changing them and if one is using windows here is a straightforward and easy way of doing it. The password is a name and/or number that will need to be used when logging onto a computer. By changing them frequently it will help to stop hackers getting into ones account and causing total havoc, not to mention been able to read all incoming and outgoing messages.

When changing passwords, one can go into the security settings and there determine how many days it must be kept for. It can vary from 0 to 998 days depending on one's preference. To be extra careful it is recommended that it gets changed ever one to two months so if a hackers get in they only have a restricted amount of time on your network.

To reset a Windows password one will need to make sure whether it is a domain, workgroup or a home group. This is just a different way of organizing everything on a network. All computers that run on a home network are normally part of a workgroup while those in a workplace normally run as part of a domain.

Next right click and select properties and click on group policy tab that will bring one back to what one has just formed. Click up and then edit. Expand the computer configuration and go to windows and security settings. At this point all of one's password requirements will need to be filled in and they will either be accept or decline. Once this is done press enable.

This program also has a monitor that activates to see how many people are logged on. It helps to find any inactive users and will filter them out automatically. It generates reports hourly as to when someone has logged on as well as the time and date. It will inform the administrator every hour how a certain person is performing with the tasks given to them. Only if the old one is recognized and the new one passes the policy will it be allowed to change.

A domain is when more than one computer is a server. All administrators use these so that security can be controlled. This makes it much easier to do any changes as it will automatically do the changes by itself. Each time a user logs on they will need to either type in their password or any other identification otherwise they will not be permitted access.

Using a domain will enable one to get access to any computer as one will not require an account. Unfortunately not many setting changes can be made as there needs to be some sort of regularity amount all computers. This can be used on all of the above to ensure all information is kept safe and secure.

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