Information Transmitted By MWD Drilling Software

By Karina Frost

Measurement While Drilling is abbreviated as MWD. It is used to take the measurement of the inclination angle against the vertical line through the process. MWD drilling software then takes up all these values.The oil well paths are plotted in 3-D using this information. Communication between the operator and the floor is crucial and is provided by this software.

There are different types of information transmitted by the software one being the direction of the well. Real time directional surveys and its transmission are very possible. Measurement of the azimuth and the inclination of the hole at that location are done by the magnetometers and accelerometers. There is therefore real time transmission from the site to the surface.

The data transmitted at intervals of 10m to 500m is then analyzed on the surface to calculate the location of the wellbore. It is necessary information for the company since it acts as a proof that it is not operating outside the block it is licensed to prospect. When operating vertically or near vertical direction this technology is not used due to its high cost.

Drilling has to be done is a specific direction or in a directional-drilling. The information that is obtained from the MWD tools guides the driller on steering the process in the direction to the target zone. Bent housing or bent subs aid in directional operations with the MDW providing toolface measurements from the downholde mud motors.

The software sends information about the mechanics of the drill bit. This kind of information include the downhole temperature, mud flow volume, smoothness of rotation, the drillstring speed of rotation, the weight as well as torque on the dril bit. This info will lead to more efficient operations. It also ensures that the tools used won't fail when drilling because they can be operated within their technical specifications. Geologists use this information to understand the formation of the zone being drilled.

MWD tools are able to measure the properties of the formation and send the information to drillers when process is ongoing. The measure of the formation properties can be done by the MWD then sent to the drillers while operation is in progress. This information is basically used in geosteering to the targeted zone. The data obtained varies It is from variants such as porosity, acoustic-caliper, density, inclination at the drill bit and resistivity that this information oscillates.

There is also the measurement of natural gamma rays measurements at the well using internal gamma ray sensor installed in MWD tools. The sensors cost a lot, are compact and able to take measurements when drilling unmodified drill collars. Compacts and cheap sensors will do unmodified drill collars during operations. MWD software cuts the various process costs and increases the lifespan of the drill bits.

There are two types of transmission of data on drilling; either mud-pulse telemetry method or electromagnetic telemetry. The functioning of the mud-pulse telemetry method is where the mud valve deep down the hole restricts the flow of slurry thus brings about the differences in pressure which are sent to the surface for further analysis. There are three types of pulses; positive, negative pulse or continuous wave.

Electromagnetic telemetry method of data transmission by the MWD software involves generation of altered voltage different in the upper part and the lower portion of the electrical insulator used in the drillstring. A wire attached to the wellhead on the surface and another wire attached to the rod form the electrodes of a dipole antenna. From these electrodes the voltage signals are obtained and analyzed to give information.

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