What Are The Best Games For Nintendo 3Ds

By Karina Frost

Video games are everywhere. You can find a bunch of them today. However, not all of them are good. To ensure that you are purchasing the right thing, we have compiled some of the best games you can find for Nintendo 3ds. This will give you an idea on what to purchase or add to your wishlist.

Bravely default is the top of the chart. This is one of the best games for Nintendo 3ds. If you are the kind of gamer that likes adventure like Final Fantasy does, then this is the right thing for you. You can explore different kinds of characters, wonderful animations and music. The battle system is carefully crafted as well. So, if you are up to an old school style of gaming, then go for this.

Second on the chart is Crimson Shroud. In the contrary, the battle system here is a little bit constrained. Your wins are merely based on luck, because it is based on the result of the dice. Even though this is the case, the gameplay is still wonderful.

Setting up plans and executing it can be very difficult and needs a lot of practice. If you want challenging games that will enhance your decision making and strategy building skills, then Fire Emblem Awakening is always there for you. Your execution is the most important part here. If you do not plan everything, your chance of winning is low.

Too much about Mario and let us go with his brother instead. Luigis Mansion is an adventure based platform wherein you will be exploring the mansion and fighting ghosts. The fun part is that, you will meet some puzzles along the way, which of course you need to solve for you to pass through. I

For those who like cooperative plays, wherein you can join with your friends and play along side with them, then Monster Hunter III Ultimate is what you need. The graphics are great and the gameplay is just so seamless. As the title suggest, you should expect that you are the hunter here. You can choose different variations of clothing and also weapons to help you with the hunt.

Pokemon XY is a 3d version of most Pokemon series we usually play. The mechanics of the game does not change a lot. The revision mainly focuses on improving the graphics from 2d to 3d look. It might not be too much, but having just the 3d feel can make the game even better.

Sword based games are cool, especially with Shin Megami Tensei IV. This is still an RPG game where you can choose characters, explore the map and finish objectives along the way. In this sequel, you will be the samurai, which has moves that are very cool. You should expect tons of quest, and very challenging boss fights.

As of now, these are the best you can have in a Nintendo 3ds platform. If you have a different console, some games that are listed here have some XBOX and Playstation version too. You can check them out by visiting their official site.

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