How To Have A Successful Career As A Visual Artist

By Ashis Jain

Statistics reveal that the majority of visual artists work independently or are self-employed. A Visual artist has different areas of specialty. A few of the specialty areas includes crafts, multimedia, animations fine arts and art direction. You will need a university degree or perhaps a post-secondary course in a visual arts program to be certified in the majority of the jobs, which involve visual arts. There is a lot competition in this area because of many qualified people who have done these courses.

To start a career in visual arts, it is good to shape up when still in high school by taking art related classes. Art history classes will be very helpful as well. You can opt for an art history class at a community college if you cannot access it in high school.

Additionally, you will need business classes to help you progress in your job later on. Make sure to hone your English abilities to enhance your writing abilities too. For example should you become an art director, you may want to write a grant application that will help you in your business later on.

Practical experience is equally important in this case. Participate in extra-curricular and leisure activities to add to your visual arts knowledge. Visit photo galleries, photo trade fairs and museums frequently to improve your knowledge. If you are in high school or something, consider joining the school theater groups or work for the school yearbook.

Art and design schools emphasize on practical skills more than the theory part as in the case of colleges and universities. You can succeed as a visual artist without a certificate or college degree but it is still recommended to have this qualification in order to improve your chances of working. In the recent years, many of the studio art classes have included to their curriculum computer graphics and software. If you want to specialize in a medical illustrating specialty, it will be necessary to take premedical classes. Someone who wants to become an art director will need to take classes on art direction or art administration.

If you want to have a career in visual arts, you need to build your portfolio. Your portfolio will probably be your resume. Chiefly it is an essential aspect in visual arts programs. Place your photos, painting, prints, sketches or other own media to market your portfolio. Your portfolio will showcase your skill either as a freelance illustrator, fine artist, animator or any other niche.

The easiest method to start your professional career is as simple as finding a beginner job or search for freelance clients just in case for instance if you are a freelance illustrator. If you ask the majority of the artists, many of them will explain to you how they started freelancing as students and elevated their clientele as time passed until they became professionals.

Starting on less challenging jobs will help you improve your skills with time. The Bureau of labor statistics has shown that multimedia artists will have the best job opportunities by the year 2018. It goes ahead to project an increase of jobs by 14 percent.

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