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By Susan Johnson

Cloud Computing Now Offering 6 Reasons to Consider Moving Your Business IT Resources

If your company needs more efficient IT resources cloud computer is most definitely an option with improved speed and reduce costs weighing high on the list of reasons. The physical space required for storing servers changes not to mention a significant reduction of utilities and even staff reduction. For most IT Managers moving the network environment including hardware and software is a scary endeavor however, these processes have improved dramatically. Read below to discover some key reasons for considering a move to cloud services.

Physical Space

Floor space is grater for server racks. Climate control and security are just two additional needs for your own data center not to mention power redundancy and possibly generators. There are additional requirements as it relates to windows and doors, all of which goes away if you consider a cloud solution. When a company creates virtual servers these problems are mitigated. One always needs some physical devices but one can reduce the physical space.

Energy Costs

Secure rooms for servers are always a large portion of the companies energy cost. Air conditioning is running at all times every day all day. Companies using cloud services are automatically employee power reduction processes. Saving money on these services gets passed to the company or tenant. The reduction of energy alone is one significant reason to consider cloud services.

Technology Team

A company that manages their own server rooms must also manage their own technology team. The team must have the skill, time and expertise to handle all the equipment from switches to SAN storage so often times multiple team members are needed. Cloud computer reduces this need by transferring some of this responsibility to the hosting data center. This allows some companies to either reduce staff or retrain them to pursue other areas such as managing virtual cluster of servers or information security such as cyber security.

Backup and Storage Solution

Reduction of backup hardware is another item that goes away once a company moves to cloud computing. Expensive hard drives are normally needed frequently with larger data storage but with cloud services the hosting company handles the cost as part of the monthly fee. The backup process is also much faster in a cloud service solution as compared to tape backups which are much slower.

Data Security

Information security can become expensive but if a company lacks security the costs are much higher. Especially if you don't have the right security. Cloud service providers offer higher level of security than most small businesses posses. Even the backups are secure and stored off site.

Shrinking IT Budgets

You only pay for the cloud services you actually use. In addition, you are no longer required to buy and maintain your own expensive equipment. If your company demands change so can your cloud services by increasing the systems you need. You can also scale back the resources when you don't need them, a unique offering of cloud services.

Change the IT environment is especially fearful and an unknown consideration for most businesses. However, it is worth consideration. The savings of time and utility is significant for businesses to consider cloud. Ensure you select the right hosting company and ask the right questions. Research specifically which country they store data and review the contract closely.

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