Whistleblowers Against Fraud & Being Careful On The Phone

By Bob Oliver

Phone calls are some of the most common platforms utilized for pushing a number of products. When you receive these, you may find that they can be overwhelming, especially when so much information is being thrown at you at one time. Whistleblowers Against Fraud can tell you that these calls can be more dangerous than they appear. If you'd like to know, these calls may be done as a means to drive fraud, which is why you must utilize different approaches in order for these to be deemed safer.

When talking to a salesperson on the phone, be wary if they ask you for your credit card information outright. This should be one of the initial red flags raised, which is a point that Whistleblowers Against Fraud may draw attention to as well. According to authorities like W-A-F, this type of information should be kept to yourself. If this isn't done, there is no doubt that your information, in general, can become compromised, leading to further problems you could likely do without.

Maybe an individual is not trying to sell you a service outright but rather asking for a donation. This seems to be one that is better able to appeal to the human condition but there's one concept to keep in mind: no fundraising service will ever use phones alone. The best way to ensure that this call is legitimate is to ask for a website URL. Make it a point to tell them that you will see the website later on, since you are busy at that moment in time.

"Work-at-home" inquiries should also be considered if you're talking about phone-centric fraud. For those who do not know, some of the most common automated messages are those which give you the "opportunity" to work at home. While it may seem enticing on the surface, this is nothing short of a ploy to have you pony up a certain amount of money without any kind of offering in return. It's a tremendous issue and one that, in my view, speaks volumes about fraud related to phone calls.

Unsolicited phone calls are ones you should be aware of, as I am sure you could imagine. These are the ones which will request certain types of information from you, whether you have requested it or not. What this means is that anything from lost money to compromised information will be seen, on your end. Only with the proper assistance will this be taken care of and you can be certain that Whistleblowers Against Fraud, as well as others, can lend a hand.

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