Unlocked Mobile Phones Outright Allows You More Flexibility, Cost-Saving And A Wider Choice

By Shamar Smith

We all remember the initial shock we got when we received our first cellphone bill after signing up for a two year contract with a specific service provider. It all sounded so nice, easy and cheap to choose a dandy, modern phone with all the various functions at a low monthly rate. What most people only realized later, was all the hidden costs and limitations involved in the contract that one is now legally bound to honor for the next two years. Buying mobile phones outright may save you a great deal of money and frustration, and give you a wider choice.

Mobile phones purchased on a contract basis may initially seem cheap because the full prize is subsidized by your monthly fees to the service provider over a two year period. In the long run, however, it can actually work out more expensive than buying an unlocked phone where there is no contract or hidden administration fees involved and more options available.

Buying a new mobile phone outright may initially cost you more (as a once-off payment) than with a 2-year contract, but if you do the calculations, you will find it may actually work out cheaper if you spread the amount over a two year period. The difference is that the total cost of a new mobile phone purchased on a contract basis is subsidized by your monthly payments for the duration of the contract length and thus only appears to be cheaper.

Investing in an unlocked mobile phone also spare you the time and frustration of dealing with billing or administrative errors that often occur with lengthy contracts. You are not restricted to the cellphones stocked by your carrier and thus have a wider selection. The only problem is that these cheaper phones only work on GSM cellular networks that use SIM cards. Since all mobile carriers do not operate on GSM networks, you must make sure to find the ones who are associated with unlocked mobile phones.

The cellular phone industry continually grows and expands and new products daily flood the market. Most people like to keep up with the latest trends. Being stuck for two years with the same cellphone before you can upgrade, can be frustrating. Without a cellphone contract that restricts your choice of phones and the frequency of buying a new one, you are free to select the best and latest product from your favorite manufacturer.

There are numerous advantages to outright mobile phones. Not only is one free from the frustrations when experiencing administrative or billing errors with a specific service provider, but one can also shop around for new cellphones and deals as often as one likes. You simply buy an unlocked mobile handset of your choice (without a carrier plan or contract) and a separate SIM card from a service provider or prepaid phone company to activate your cellphone's voice and data services.

The cellphone industry is especially huge in poor countries where the infrastructure for telephone land lines are limited or absent. These SIM cards, containing all your personal information such as phone number, contacts and calling history, can be inserted into any unlocked cellphone. Depending on the length of stay, one can choose a contract that is monthly renewable, or longer contracts.

By buying a prepaid SIM card with a local number of the country in which you are staying, you can minimize your local calling costs. If you plan to travel to multiple countries during the same trip, it might be cheaper to buy a SIM card that offers international roaming services at the cheapest roaming rates. This will save you the trouble of buying a local SIM card in every country you visit.

Another option is to keep your compatible GSM unlocked cellphone with your home number to make calls to family and friends at home. Although the calls and texts will cost you more, you will not have to repeatedly give new cellphone numbers to them from every country that you visit. This is only a cost-effective option if you just want to make a few international calls.

Another option for frequent travelers is to get a mobile device with dual SIM cards. These unlocked cellphones store both your regular SIM card and the SIM card of the country you are visiting. In this way you can receive calls from home on your regular home number and make and receive calls with the lower rates of a local number.

Communication technology changes and improves every day. It is worthwhile to stay abreast of all the latest products and services available to find the most suitable ones for your specific needs. The flexibility and cost-saving plans that unlocked mobile phones offer, may just be what you need!

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