Set Your Stationery Bike Up Correctly

By Ayub Yusuf

The stationery bike is one of the earliest pieces of equipment designed for indoor fitness routines. The fact that it is still in general use these days is testament to how popular and useful this particular piece of equipment is. It gives a way to get a thorough workout in comfortable and pleasant conditions. Being stationery, you can design exercise routines at particular settings realizing that the next time you use those settings, you can get specifically the same workout.

Even though stationery bikes are one of the safest of all sorts of exercise apparatus, you can still do yourself some harm if you do not set your bike up the right way. 0These bikes are developed to provide a way of exercising with very little force being placed on the joints. But, if we assume the wrong posture on the bike, we can end up with joint pains.

That is why apparatus designers have tried to produce machines that decrease the impact of training routines on our joints. One such piece of apparatus is the Arc Trainer. At first sight, this is an odd looking piece of equipment. Its unusual design is key to what it does. It is intended to cut down strain on the joints, by providing a non-impact sort of exercise. It is essentially a strider, but it considerably limits stress on the knee joint by forcing your legs to move in a way that ensures your toe continually remains in front of your knee. If your toes go behind your knee, the force on the knee joint goes way up.

This may not be down to laziness. Many people are more than likely unaware that there is an ideal posture on a bike. The bike should be set up so that when you sit on the saddle and one of the pedals is at its lowest point, your knee should be very slightly bent.

Your present level of fitness, your resting heart rate, your BMI, your weight and your age are all important factors. Each routine should aim to bring your heart rate up to the target in incremental stages. You need to begin with a warming up period before increasing to a higher intensity. When your heart rate reaches target, maintain it at that level for the designated period. Finally, allow a cooling down period by not simply stopping at the maximum rate.

It might seem normal to simply hop on a bike and commence pedaling. The issue is that if your knees are flexing too much, you will be placing excess strain on them. All bikes, such as stationery bikes, are adjustable to some extent. Commonly the saddle can easily be lowered or raised. It just takes a few seconds to make this adjustment, yet a lot of persons do not bother. This may not be down to laziness.

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