Recommended Laptop Stands For Dodge Durango And Jeep Grand Cherokee Suvs

By Merv Carlson

Pro Desks is a company located in North America and providing vehicle laptop desks online. Over the last 12 years Pro Desks has provided complete mobile computing solutions for all types of vehicles in the market, including cars, trucks, big rigs, police vehicles, SUVs, cargo vans. They have added four new laptop mount models to the SUV laptop desk selection section on their online stores. The four SUV laptop mounts were especially built with Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee in mind.

These days many people bring their laptops with them. With the use of wifi hotspot, they can connect to the Internet and work wherever they go. However, using a laptop in a vehicle is not easy if you can not find any flat surfaces to put your laptop on. A vehicle laptop mount is needed in this case. Pro Desks features the four laptop stands which are named Navigator, Mongoose, Dominator, Enforcer II. These desks help turn your Dodge Durango or Jeep Grand Cherokee into convenient mobile offices.

Pro Desks feature the four new laptop desks for Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs. Each desk model has its own unique features and price. The four new SUV laptop mounts are believed to be the most advanced products available on the market. Let's now take a look at why these products should be the primary laptop mounting choice for Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV owners.

Long-lasting Material

Pro Desks SUV laptop mounts are made of rugged high quality steel. The products are field tested before the launch. Pro Desks Mongoose laptop desk can withstand the extreme working conditions in any job sites. All the products are powerful and durable enough to be used in police vehicles.

Custom-built Bases

All the four new Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV laptop mounts feature a custom-built base, which means you do not need to buy a new mounting system everytime you purchase new vehicle. No matter what vehicle model you're driving, Pro Desks has a suitable base for it. Customers will need to specify the vehicle they're driving when placing an order on Pro Desks online stores.

Ease of Installation, Transferring or Removal

Installing these laptop mounts takes you around twenty minutes. Vehicle owners can do the installation job themselves with a few hand tools. If they need any help, they can call Pro Desks directly. Pro Desks is always there to help. Transferring the system from vehicle to vehicle is totally possible. When you buy a new vehicle, you just need a new base, which is very economical.


There are different prices for different Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV laptop mounts depending on the number of advanced features. Interested buyers can visit Pro Desks online stores to check out the features and select the right product to fit their needs and budgets.

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