Industrial Printers And Coders And Useful Information Regarding These

By Keren Kipfer

Industrial coders serve as important tools for a variety of industries. These ID coders are a specific type of printer than rapidly adds information to product packaging. Read on to find out some more information about these unique and helpful industrial printers.

In practically all products we purchase, there are coding on the items, and many of these are just added when the products are about to be shipped out. The coding can include batch numbers and even product expiration dates. The codes are placed directly on the packaging, thus you will definitely need special types of printers and also special inks that will dry quickly. This will allow quick printing of identification codes on the products without worrying that there will be smearing.

There are two basic types of coders. One is called a CIJ printer or CIJ coder. CIJ simply means continuous inkjet. The other type of coder is a DOD coder, which means drop on demand. The type of coder you select probably depends upon the type of packaging or product you have. Certain types of coders, for instance, print particularly well on porous materials while others might do a better job on metal or plastic.

ID coders and ID printers are used in many industries. Practically all types of food products on the market, like those in milk cartons, juice boxes or cracker and cookie boxes, or those in glass jars or bottles, are those with coders used like the Domino coder or Altima coder, or other brands that print on practically any type.

The electronics industry is also another example of another business sector that uses coders or printers. These are the special types of printers that can be used on anything, like printing on the metal parts of computers to printing codes and other information on the delicate parts of the products, like light bulbs. The medical and pharmaceutical companies also use these coders and printers to print vital information on medicines or equipment, and others.

If your company needs an ID coder, consider saving money and purchasing refurbished coding equipment from a company such as PrintJet. This id product company sells used coders and refurbishes coders back to their original condition. In addition to refurbishing all types of coders, they also formulate high-quality, generic versions of Domino inks, Altima inks, Imaje inks, VideoJet inks as well as all of the necessary fluids for your coder.

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